Why Is There a Sudden Drop in My Organic Traffic?

For an online presence, every person in the business understands the importance of organic traffic. When the organic traffic suddenly starts dropping, it can affect the website’s online presence. There are multiple sites, brands, and organizations that have suffered a sudden drop in organic traffic because of multiple reasons. If you are wondering why is there a sudden drop in my organic traffic, continue reading and know the reason and some helpful tips to fix it. 

Manual Actions and Penalties

Google often imposes manual actions and penalties against websites that have been utilizing black hat practices to rank higher on the search engines. These manual actions and Google penalties are capable of making your website traffic drop to a considerable level and your rankings suddenly fall down to zero.

If you are not careful, your site can be removed from Google’s Index, and you can no longer be found in the search results. Since this will be the case, it will be ignored by Google and not appear on a search engine results page.

If a manual action impacts your website, Google will make you aware of the same by the Manual Actions Report in the Google Search Console. When you do so, you can recover your site, rerun it, and then submit the issue to Google for review through the ‘Request Review’ button.

Google Algorithm Update

When it comes to innovative algorithms, Google just won’t stop and launches new algorithms from time to time to provide users with a better search experience. Therefore, if the rollout of algorithm update takes place, the traffic rate of your website is likely to fluctuate.

Google’s algorithm update is a well-known fact that Google itself is raising its standards, and it affects the websites that don’t comply with the same requirement, causing them to notice a massive drop in traffic.

In order to be relevant in this ever-changing SEO world, you have to monitor closely how algorithms work and the modifications that are specific to your niche. In a sense, see it as this: Assuming you are in charge of running a review site. You should do a special analysis of Google’s product review updates, as they will have a stronger influence on the websites that contain product reviews. You need to pay more attention to them.

Firstly, the majority of these algorithm changes aim to ensure that users are provided with maximum user satisfaction. This should act as a reminder to you that you should create content aimed at adding value to your target audience.

Technical Issues

Do not forget to check your site’s technical SEO issues because it may cause great damage. If not paid attention to or not periodically checked, these technical errors, in turn, can lead to a traffic decrease to your site on account of the organic search results. Major technical issues are associated with the website’s slowness and performance, broken backlinks and 404 errors, mobile usability problems, slow server response time, sitemaps and indexing problems, and so on.

This leads to the fact that the user experience is disappointing and the amount of people who leave the site is increasing. It emphasizes all those features of the website that it particularly enjoys: fast page load time and things being wholly scanned, and it doesn’t reward sites that don’t ensure a good page experience.

Mixing all these things together, the presence of technical barriers on your site might cost you a significant amount of organic search traffic. Hence, as it is necessary to check for technical difficulties on your site constantly, you should be repairing the affected areas as soon as these issues are identified with the help of a digital marketing agency

Updates or Modifications in the Content or Structure of the Site

Have you recently deleted this website or added it elsewhere to your site? Did you change the design or shift to WordPress? You might not have proper redirects, or you might have overlooked a design check. Such can be the cause of the declining number of your organic visits.

Unit the context of your web pages on the top of Google, you restructure the content. It could have happened that you, as an amateur, did wrong optimization or, maybe, over-optimized them without being aware. The first thing will be Google’s bow, and the second one will affect how the pages are looking on pages ranked by Google.

Having that in mind, though, redesigning your site’s content and user experience is likely to produce a quick decline in traffic from organic search. And, thus when you update your site, do the optimizing of your pages suitably in such a manner that you deflect a mass awry organic traffic.

Competitor Activity

The rise of other competitors is an element behind the sudden drop in organic traffic. Slow sales could be a result of this since people elsewhere could be reaching your competitors instead.

Despite strategic positions, new businesses start a fight for the customers’ attention every day. Understanding this, however, should not prevent you from keeping an eye on competitors’ activities that might shape successful strategies. 

If not, others will rob you of opportunities and personnel in their direction, resulting in the stagnation of your business. Research your competitors, understand that when they are excelling in SEO performance and adjust your strategy accordingly so you will be better than them.

Technical SEO changes

Hidden from the visible content and URL format in the background, the site could have bumper changes that are based on the limiting causal abilities of Google crawling and indexing the content due to the hindrance that results.

Fairly common things that could accidentally be added and cause havoc with your organic rankings and traffic include: Common things that could accidentally be added and cause havoc with your organic rankings and traffic include:

  • Noindex tags
  • Not allowing robots to be directed is a disallow of robots.txt.
  • All tags point to the homepage during the course of shifting to the new strategy of canonical tag implementation.


Best Practices for Enhancing Organic Traffic 


Why Is There a Sudden Drop in My Organic Traffic?

Enhance On-Page SEO

Traffic decline could take place in the same case when you mistakenly de-optimize or over-optimize your web pages. That’s why, if you want to restore the traffic you had in the past, you need to work on your content and optimize it with keywords that can help drive more people to your website. Ensure that the content has the quality of high caliber and it is of a value to your readers. That’s how you can enjoy enriched user engagement for your content.

In addition, remember that the keyword you use should be appropriate to the content and placed naturally within it. Hence, an over-optimization of keywords, either by placing them where they don’t belong or stuffing them into your content, will undoubtedly be detrimental to your SEO. 

You have to use them in titles and meta tags which are appealing. It will be a good step in making your page look appealing for people who type related searches on Google. In on-page SEO, internal linking is a key component. Increase your internal links within the website to help search engines better understand the relation of your site pages.

Improve Technical SEO 

The technical problems of your site can make a wreck out of your website if you don’t have the right methods to fix those issues. More than half of the online searches currently take place on mobile devices. Hence, do both Mobile-Friendly Tests and display the results to your mobile users.

Not only that but there is more to it. And yet, technical SEO is not just about increasing the speed of your website. The first one is fixing the broken links and redirects. Users and search engines will never visit links that are not working. They will, therefore, skip the page that has nothing useful to offer. The Maddex, is a reputed marketing agency that provides SEO solutions to their clients that help to achieve the desired traffic. 

Build Powerful Backlinks

If you are aware, backlinks are one of the most important Google ranking factors. The more your website is ranked, the greater the traffic you will receive. Conversely, the lower your ranking, the less traffic you will get. You can also restore traffic lost by a satisfactory linking-building strategy and create high-quality backlinks to the corresponding pages of the authoritative sites in your niche. 

These links will produce organic referral traffic with the right keywords. You can obtain backlinks to your site by making guest posts for websites in the niche you belong to. Furthermore, Besides the way that you will earn the best quality backlinks, remember that the quality content of your product will correspond with them too. You only get referral traffic because your content’s there being informative and engaging. Furthermore, world-class content would aid you in naturally drawing more backlinks in the end.

Keep In Touch With The Latest SEO Trends

SEO is not a project but a process that must be repeated repeatedly. It is very time-consuming to get the traffic level you desire. To keep your site ranking higher, it is important for you to follow the latest SEO trends. It is important to audit the website broadly from time to time to ensure that all the issues are addressed when it comes to the website.

Constantly correlate Google algorithm updates with other industry trends to avoid a big hit when the change you have been waiting for has finally happened. Competitor monitoring is crucial. Keep in mind that the SEO environment is aggressive and constantly changing. Adjust your strategy according to the aggressive landscape and the shifting trends to achieve great results.

The Bottom Line 

Keeping your organic traffic engaged with the website can be a critical task. You need to stay in touch with the right SEO strategy and the latest trends to beat the competitive market. Moreover, you need to monitor if there are any Google penalties or violations that are becoming the reason for dropped organic traffic. If you have experienced a sudden drop in your site’s traffic, you should take SEO services that will help you enhance your online reach. For more information, you can call us at 866-979-3359