The Ideal Content-Length and Posting Frequency Per Social Network

Content is the key element of digital marketing that helps to increase online visibility and generate leads. To reap maximum benefits from the content, you not only need quality content but you have to consider the ideal content length and posting frequency. This will help you maximize engagement on the marketing strategies. 

So, let’s explore the content length and posting frequency of every popular social network. 



  • Content-Length

When publishing reels mostly based on entertainment, 11 to 17-second-long videos turned out to be the most effective. For educational reels, users chose videos that were 38 to 51 seconds long. Thus, if you are publishing them, they should be 7 to 10 slides long.  Nevertheless, the most essential thing is to put a hook on slide 1 and slide 2. The only thing that a hook on slide 1 can do is not enough. The engagement will not be as high as much.

  • Posting Frequency

To create engagement on the business profile, you can post 3-5 times per week on Instagram. According to marketers that provide digital marketing services three posts per week on Instagram should be the minimum. These are mixed-media posts (carousels, reels, static posts, etc.) It is particularly important to use different social media content types when you post more than three times per week.

Instagram Stories can be used more often. They create more engagement as they are concise. Instagram is a platform where you can show your friends what you are doing and what they are doing. It is also an excellent way to see what strikes a chord with your audience.



  • Content-Length 

Short-form videos should be 40 to 46 seconds at most. In addition to the short-form video, it is recommended to use a sentence or two of text-based content with a hook. Videos that are too long should be no more than 3 to 4 minutes long. You can post a video on LinkedIn for up to 10 minutes, but videos that were 3 to 4 minutes long performed better than those that were longer.

In the case of text, it ought to be 20 to 38 words long if it is motivational. Nonetheless, if you are talking about educational content, the essays should be 200 to 300  words long on average, did the best.

  • Posting Frequency 

You can share 1-2 times daily on LinkedIn. LinkedIn itself states that companies that post weekly get twice as much content engagement. They also suggest posting at least once a day, even on weekends. Remember that LinkedIn content can stay in the user feeds for a very long time. Hence, when you post something, it will start to appear in the connections’ news feeds. Besides, users can also choose the feed by “top” and “recent” content; this could be the reason for your posts’ extension if they go viral.

Quality should be given more importance than quantity in this case. Hence, it is necessary to create interesting, engaging content that is current and relevant at the same time. At the moment, the LinkedIn filter is being modified, and you will soon be able to filter your feed for topics like “video-specific content.



  • Content-Length

That is to say, if you are creating entertaining videos, 18 to 31 seconds is the ideal length to get the maximum engagement. However, if the focus is on educational content, videos that are 42 to 54 seconds long generate more engagement.

  • Posting Frequency

On TikTok, you can post as much content as you want. On average, you can post 3 to 5 times a week. TikTok does not limit how many times a day small businesses should post, but it still recommends that they post 1-4 times a day. 

Moreover, TikTok also says there is no limit to the amount of organic content small businesses can create. That degree of constant blogging may not be possible for everybody. If you just begin, 3-5 times per week is a good beginning.

The TikTok algorithm is difficult to understand, but the more you post on a regular basis, the more you will get in front of a bigger audience and find out what works well. Try to put up 3-5 times a week so you are always in touch with your followers. Through each post, monitor the video views, comments, and the duration that a viewer spends watching the video to have a better idea of how effective it is.


The hashtags you add to each post can also help potential customers find your content. Make sure to evaluate each post’s performance and modify your posting strategy based on the one that is most liked by your audience. Moreover, the day and time people are on TikTok are also important. Look for the best times to post on TikTok to make your content known to the maximum users.

The Ideal Content-Length and Posting Frequency Per Social Network



  • Content-Length

Shorts should be 28 to 33 seconds long if the purpose of the shorts is to entertain. And 41 to 57 seconds in the school bag in case of education. The best way to perform the long-form videos was when they were, on average, 7 minutes and 9 seconds long. 

You can make longer-form videos, but we did not notice that the engagement increased. There were diminishing returns when you created content that is over 20 minutes.

  • Posting Frequency 

You should generally upload one short-form video (YouTube shorts) and one long-form video daily. However, you should not post them one after another, put them at least 5 hours apart.

If you can’t post a long-form video each day, it is not that crucial try to publish at least once a week at the maximum. Nevertheless, for the 1-minute videos, you should post one a day.

X (Twitter)


  • Content-Length

Twitter is famous for its short character limit, which makes people more concise and to the point. Although the limit is 280 characters, the best-performing tweets are usually in the range of 71 to 100 characters. This length is enough to convey a clear message, and at the same time, there is room for hashtags and links.

  • Posting Frequency 

One can easily reach a large audience by Posting 2-3 times daily on X (Twitter). Twitter is a very fast medium where things are constantly moving. The news-oriented nature of Twitter makes Tweets fleeting. Thus, you will need to post a little more frequently than you do on other channels. The more you post, the more likely you are to be in the constantly growing feed.

The number of power users is quite large. A few accounts post 50 to 100 times a day. If you have the time, we are not going to stop you. Nevertheless, you can keep your brand’s Twitter account active and engaged without quitting your main job and becoming a full-time Twitter user.



  • Content-Length

It didn’t matter if the content was short or long because we couldn’t find a particular length that would help us increase engagement. You can post content of any length, depending on the type of content.

  • Posting Frequency

Facebook is a platform for social interaction and sharing your thoughts, so it would be good to post 1-2 times per day on it. Organic reach has gone down everywhere, but Facebook is the place where the effect is the most. At the present moment, the average Facebook page post engagement rate is less than 1%. These numbers are not expected to increase any time soon.

The experts suggest that you post 1-2 times a day on Facebook. This will be the reason that you will be remembered by your audience, but not so much that you will overwhelm their feeds.

The Ideal Content-Length and Posting Frequency Per Social Network

Best Practices For All Social Media Platforms

Below are the best practices you should consider to make your content more effective and engaging. 

Post According to Platform 

Although you are conveying the same message on all the platforms, the way you share it changes the way someone (or if they at all) actually engages with it. Thus, followers on different platforms have different kinds of content and media. People who are on Instagram are usually visual and creative. They like imagery, visual effects, and color. 

People on LinkedIn usually expect a more corporate environment and a more “professional” approach and prefer short stories, videos about business topics, and articles. But on other social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok people expect entertaining content. The Maddex provides customized social media marketing plans that cater to different platforms.  

Be Consistent Than Frequent

It is essential to be consistent with your posting; however, you can still be creative with those posts and vary the kind of content so that your audience does not get bored. On the platform, you can share articles, promotional posts, inspirational quotes, personal posts, client stories, new apps and software, and local stories.

The primary aim of posting on social media is to show the public your brand, but remember the 80/20 rule so you don’t seem too focused on sales. 80% of the content you create must be about the topics that your clients are interested in (such as useful tips, the current news that might affect them, the new apps that can help their processes and systems, and the case studies to show them that you know what works) and 20% of your content can be about your firm (like the services you provide, the special deals and the sign-ups).

Show Your Target Audience Why They Should Visit Your Social Platform

Doing well on social media is not about the number of times you post but about the content you post. Present a useful and interesting thing for your ideal client to read. Is the content you are sharing of a good, interesting, helpful, and original kind?

You can only post if you have something that will be useful to people. It is impossible to get results if you just fill everyone’s social media feeds with content that is not useful, interesting, or helpful. 

In fact, if you are just posting to fill a slot in your schedule, you may lose followers rather than gain them because followers may get bored, annoyed, or think you are just trying to make a sale.

Final Thoughts

Quality and relevance are the key elements of the content. But to maximize its results it is important to keep the length and frequency in mind. For a successful marketing campaign, you need to understand engaging content and its right time and length. To learn about how we generate content for our valuable brands, feel free to call 866-979-3359.