TikTok and Instagram Digital Marketing Agency Strategies

Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry. In the past, it is fair to say that the main channels for companies to market were search engine marketing and paid advertisements. Nowadays, marketing activity has been focused on social media platforms in recent years. Instagram and TikTok have brought great changes in the digital marketing sector.

Instagram has over 1 billion active users by itself. Whether you are promoting a product or a service or anything in between, if you can get the word out about it on Instagram, it will be a big success.

This is the reason why TikTok has been the pioneer in briefing video content. People spend all day, and even the whole night, watching TikTok, which is an amazing tool for advertising. Here, we will go through some of the most successful digital marketing strategies that digital marketing agencies in Houston use to boost a brand’s presence on TikTok and Instagram. 

Strategies Digital Marketing Agencies Can Use For TikTok? 


Start a Branded Channel


TikTok and Instagram Digital Marketing Agency Strategies.

Build a branded site and start working on content types like videos, images, etc. The content can be generated in just a few minutes and no budget. 

The right thing to do is to jump on current hashtags, laugh along with the most popular memes, and create new content that will promote the awareness of your brand. Make use of its built-in filters, effects, soundbites, and editing tools to see your ideas come to life and to share them with others. 

Although organic reach on TikTok is incredibly high, the impactful engagement of the audience is only attained if the content is applicable to the audience and follows the rules of the platform.

Collaborate with influencers

The best option is to make the most of the influencer communities – the stats on this topic just show how powerful influencers are. Creators who have mastered TikTok and made it their habit have become widely popular through content that is inspiring and that people relate to.

Research Your Audience

Here’s a question to ask before you get in too deep: Do you target the type of audience that is present on TikTok? TikTok has a rep for being popular with teens, but the platform’s user stats may surprise you: about 32% of TikTok’s audience, approximately 25-34 years old, are of age. 

However, it is more like 76% of American social media users between the ages of 18 – 24 who use the app. What’s more, one of the Google executives mentioned that the percentage of GenZers who prefer to use TikTok to find a place to have lunch is 40% higher than those who like to search Google.

Take advantage of the space with full-screen vertical videos.

Let me share a TikTok Tactic that, if applied correctly, can positively affect your conversion rates. Whenever you produce a new TikTok advertising video, it’s important that the video is vertical and full-screen, customized to fit the platform.

The majority of TikTok users view the content on a small screen in portrait mode, so any creative and direct conversion goal should take this feature into account. Shooting and editing TikTok videos in a 16:9 aspect ratio can be used to your full advantage to give you the opportunity to create more space for your visual elements and, therefore, increase the impact of your visuals. Use the social media space while the users are online by making short and catchy creative pieces.

TikTok users are attracted to short and simple videos. Thus, you need to modify your creative assets to catch more attention if you are keen to create more conversions. It might be tempting for you to stuff your TikTok commercials with product specifications and persuasive explanations, but the most effective will be those too short to be boring. Data received from TikTok indicated that video ads between 20-34 seconds achieved the most conversions.

Why TikTok Has Gone Popular among Digital Marketing?

TikTok provides an excellent chance for marketers to reach the youth of the world in an interactive and creative environment. For instance, memes start on TikTok. Therefore, brands can get a good reputation by keeping their products among the most trendy things. TikTok doesn’t need to be created in a studio-production environment as well since funny videos from everyday life have the same opportunity of being the next hit as those made with a huge budget. 

Not only do we come across many TikTok videos that are shot in bedrooms, parking lots, or backyards, but TikTok gives marketers a level playing field with regard to reach and engagement. Unlike Instagram or YouTube, where you need to have followers to get views, TikTok allows you to get many views on a new video only because of the algorithm. Content that engages the audience is the foundation of any engagement.

What Digital Marketing Strategies Work For Instagram? 


Create your goals on Instagram.

Before you start posting on Instagram, ask yourself (or your team) one thing: What is your purpose on Instagram compared to Facebook? Instagram can be fun as much as it is profitable, but there is so much more to it. To be successful on the platform in the long run, you must have something specific that you are working towards in order to determine what you will invest yourself in the platform.

The world that you are about to embark on is a place where there is no best way to do something. You could utilize your Instagram feed to post your products and sell them to customers. Also, you may be using Instagram to enhance the awareness of your brand, or you may be featuring reviews of people who are using your product or service.

Decide on What is your Instagram Target Audience

Identify who your target audience is and then focus your Instagram marketing strategies on them. If you have other marketing strategies in place, you can use those as your guidelines and try to keep the efforts consistent. 

Remember that you will need to take into account these factors: age, location, gender, income, motivation, interests, and pain points.

Conduct a Competitive Analysis

First, figure out your Instagram audience and then do an analysis of the other competitive marketers to find out what they post. First, if you have identified your direct competitors, you could start with their Instagram profiles. If not, try to find terms related to your business and sales and look for similar accounts.

Do a brief evaluation of other related accounts to see the posts that stand out, the most popular hashtags they are using, the captions of their post, how often they post, and how fast they grow. It is also a good opportunity to outline your tactics.

Why You Should Promote Your Business on Instagram?


1. Instagram has a Number of Users.

Instagram makes a loud impression, having 2 billion monthly active users, and increasingly impacts the younger generation. Furthermore, Statista reveals that more than two-thirds of American users visit Facebook every day, and almost all of them check their profiles each month. 

This fact of the huge amount of potential viewers is the reason why it is so essential to have strategic work, focused on Instagram to achieve the success of any business.

2. From small start-ups to large enterprises, Instagram can make businesses grow.

Instagram is a leader among social networks, with a huge number of users representing various backgrounds and interests. These companies from all sizes and economic spheres can be successful on the platform. It’s not going to be easy to succeed, but the Instagram network is a great way to help a marketing team make their company well-known.

Companies can enhance brand visibility and sustain a dialogue with their target customers by remaining on top of the trend and posting at least once a day. 

3. Businesses can Monetize From Instagram.

There are several ways for businesses to make money on Instagram: 

  • Direct sales from Instagram:

Instagram has evolved and allowed e-commerce sales through the platform as a feature. Instagram’s Shop tab on its feed comes to the rescue for users who want to discover and purchase the brand without leaving their Instagram profile, post, or story.

  • Shoppable posts:

Instagram has shoppable posts that point out products in photos by linking them to a page that has product descriptions, prices, and “shop now,” which allows one to go to an online store.

  • Partnerships with brand ambassadors:

The business can collaborate with brand ambassadors by using influencer marketing and marketing through affiliates. Such a relationship can support the creation of more sales leads and improve sales.


If you wish to grow your brand and improve its online presence, then you should focus on building your Instagram and TikTok accounts. Maddex is an all-inclusive digital marketing agency that can help you grow on social media channels. Contact us today and get ready to boost your brand’s performance.