How To Make and Add Animations to A Video

To make your video content more engaging, it would be best to include animations in your video. It will help you convey information in such a way that it educates people. Many brands use animation in their video to grab the target audience’s attention, educate them, or enhance their content strategy.  

Whether the topic is complex or straightforward, animation makes it more interesting, that people like to engage with the content. If you want to know how to make and add animations to a video, then this blog will be a great guide for you.  

Below are the steps that will help you know how you can make animations into a video.  

Plan Your Video Content  

The storyboard is the plan for your animation. It shows the artists and animators exactly what they need to make for each part of your video. You can create the storyboard on your own, which will assist you in setting up a budget and plot. 

 If you pay a digital marketing agency in Houston to make it for you, they will let you look over the storyboard. You can ask them to change parts before saying okay about how the cartoon is going. Check that your storyboard has prominent ‘parts’ or signs so the people making the animation can see when one clip finishes and another starts. 

Write Script for Video  

If you’re adding animation to a video, it could be that the script for your cartoon already matches what the voiceover or person talking says in your movie. If that’s true, get a written and sound recording of the voiceover for each moving picture being made. 

Select Animation Software  

To make animations for your video, you’ll need to use animation software. There are different choices out there, some free and others paid. They depend on what you need and how good you already are at it. Some popular choices to use are Adobe After Effects, Blender, and even easier tools like Powtoon or Vyond for making drawings that move in two dimensions. 

Understand Basics of Animation 

If you’re new to animation, beginning with the simple stuff is essential. Learn ideas such as keyframes, direction of movement, ease of motion, and timing. Lots of programs that make animations come with guides and things on the internet to help you begin. 

Create Animations 

After learning some basics, it’s your turn to make fun animations. Depending on your video’s content, you can choose from various animation techniques: 

How To Make and Add Animations to A Video

  • Motion Graphics: Motion graphics are about changing text, shapes, and pictures on the screen. You can use motion graphics to clarify important points, put titles in it, or create visuals that give information. 
  • Character Animation: If your video has characters, you can make them move and show emotions to bring the story to life. It will help people to understand your point of view in an easier way.  
  • Visual Effects: Adding visual effects can make your video exciting and like a movie. This could include things like big blasts, lots of tiny particles in the air, or magic spells you see on screen. It gives magical effects to the video that make it more eye-catching. 
  • Stop Motion: Stop motion is a method that takes pictures of real objects or figures one at a time. This makes them look unique and cute in the final movie. 
  • 2D/3D Animation: For more complicated animations, think about making 2D or 3D ones. These can be used to tell stories, show how products work, or express art.  

Integrate Animation in Video 

Now, it’s time to put your animations into the video. Put your video clips and animations into a computer program for making videos, like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. 

However, if you find it difficult to integrate animations, you can get help from professional animators. At Maddex, there are professional designers who know how to craft animation in videos to make the content more appealing.  

The Bottom Line  

Adding animated videos can enhance the quality of your content by giving life to your story and information. If you want to elevate your video marketing, then use animation to convey your messages to your target audience. This way, you’ll grab the attention of your potential clients, and that results in multiple conversions and opportunities. To hire our valuable designer for your upcoming campaigns, feel free to call us at 866-979-3359.