On Page vs Off Page SEO: What's the Difference

In this modern world, people want to search for everything on the internet in the top search results. If your business website reaches the top search engine results it will be visible to lots of people. It helps you in engaging them in your business. You need two strategies to make your business visible: On-page and Off page SEO. You must be wondering about On Page vs, Off Page SEO. In this blog, you’ll learn the difference between On Page and Off Page SEO.   

On-page SEO is a strategy where SEO techniques are used to optimize your website. And Off page SEO uses SEO strategies to promote the site on the internet. However, on page SEO makes a website appealing while off-page SEO builds authority and trust through content. 

Factors That Impact On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is a strategy for your own website to enhance the position in search engines. There are different factors that make sure your content is indexed and acknowledged by search engines. Additionally, it is comprised of many plans that increase the user experience of the user. Search engines always recommend those websites that provide the best user experience. Thus, make sure your website is convenient and helpful for people. Below are the factors that can impact on page SEO.

Title Tag

To make your content attractive and helpful, you can put your target keyword in the title of your website. Make sure to add a compelling title tag. Google completely relies on the targeted keyword in the title to decide if the page relates to the search or not. Here are some best practices to write a title tag: 

  • Use a title of 55 to 60 characters using the targeted keyword 
  • Try to keep the keyword at the start of the title if it looks natural 
  • Don’t stuff keywords with the title

Meta Description

Meta descriptions are HTML tags that describe what type of content a page has. Search engines like Google use descriptions to find a page relevant to a search. To enhance your website visibility adding target keywords can help your site page be visible to the search query. 


After the title, the heading plays an essential role in SEO. The heading is the largest line of the page gives more importance to the search engine. It would be better to optimize your content by adding your target keyword in the heading if it looks natural. H1 can be used for one time and all the other headings can be used as H2. H3 or H4. 

URL Structure  

To make your content SEO efficient, you can put keywords into the URL. Don’t repeat the keyword in your URL more than one time. But before changing the URL it is better to consult SEO Services Agency which can guide you about doing this. 

Use Alt Text for Images 

Your content management system will allow you to add images by adding alt text on your site. Alt text will not be visible to many visitors. The alt text is used by software that helps in making it invisible to the users. Hence, you can use relevant keywords to describe the images that help search engines relate your content.  

Internal Linking 

Internal linking is one of the helpful factors that increase on-page SEO. In this step, you can link other pages to your sites in your own content. A visitor reading your content can easily find other related information that can be helpful for them. Mostly SEO specialists add links numerous times to make a page more detailed and complete guide for people. Moreover, it enhances your website’s SEO by providing Google with more information in content.  

Additionally, the anchor text you add to your internal link will help search engines know what they will find on other pages and how it relates to the current content.   

On Page vs Off Page SEO: What's the Difference

Mobile User Friendliness  

To rank your website in the top searches, you must make your website mobile-friendly. Mobile friendliness means how a website performs when a person opens it from a mobile device. A mobile responsive website can adjust the screen according to the mobile phone screen. It helps people to navigate around the page to find their query. For a mobile friendly website, you need a quality design, excellent performance and easy navigation to provide an amazing user experience.  

According to Google, using these elements makes the website more outstanding for the user on the web and mobile and recommends your page to a mobile user when searching a query.   

Website Speed  

The performance of the website is an important factor that makes the page rank faster than other slow pages. Websites with high speed help users search for things more quickly. When a user opens a website with poor speed, there is a high chance the person will shift to another website. For strong engagement your site needs fast speed that loads pages faster. There are lots of ways that can enhance the speed of the website. To enhance your website rating by providing an excellent user experience, The Maddex is here to provide you with complete SEO services.  

Core Web Vitals  

One of the latest on-page SEO factors is core web vitals that quantify site user experience. The element of this measure is interactivity, visual stability, and load time. Enhancing a website’s core web vitals gives information to Google that your site is providing a good user experience.  

Factors of Off Page SEO  

Off-page SEO has many strategies and techniques to promote your content and increase your website visibility. The focus of off page is on your brand on another website. The following factor will help you learn about on page vs off page SEO  


Backlink is one of the important factors of off page. Google algorithm is updated with new rules that help to find the link spam. To increase your visibility backlinks are important to fight link schemes. Through backlines your content will appear more trustworthy and professional according to search engines. There are a lot of elements in backlinks. To use it usefully, it is better to seek guidance from an SEO specialist.  


When a company mentions your company name or website online without adding like t is called mention. However, it is impossible for anyone to mention it with a backlink. In case of mentioning with a link, google finds it suspicious and can take strict action against your website. Many people think mentions are not influential, but that’s not true. It can still be adequate to increase your brand trust and provide more opportunities.  

Google My Business  

GMB or Google My Business is a simple and easy way to directly provide information about your company to a search engine. This type of information is comprised of business type, contact information, contact information, opening hours and services. Google My Business helps to provide information in results of Google Maps and Google local pack. Setting up businesses or brands through GMB helps to add many advantages from off page SEO techniques.  

Social Media Marketing 

It is not necessary that website ranking can only rank through search engines. Social media is a vital medium that can promote a business or brand online. Social media helps in reaching out to lots of users that can enhance the reach of the website. Linking websites with your social media will help to find out about your company and know more about the brand. With social media, you can reach new customers which helps to grow your business.  

How To Optimize for Off-Page SEO  

There are multiple elements that can influence the off-page SEO ranking. You can use different techniques and strategies according to the demands and objectives of the business, which includes 

  1. Guest post 
  2. Guest blogs 
  3. Unlinked mention 
  4. Inbound link 
  5. Influencer marketing 

The biggest off-page perk is the quality of backlinks you can use on your website like 

  • You can create engaging content that people want to link with their content because they want to make it more helpful to improve their page. The page may provide recommendations and mentions that can be useful for your website engagement.  
  • With social media posts, you can use links to navigate people. 
  • Can use emails to inform and influence people about the business and its objectives. 
  • You can write guest posts to backlink your site by providing quality content. 

Linking to the sites is essential to optimize the website to make your content rank at the top.  

Start Optimizing Your On-page and Off Page SEO with The Maddex

A good SEO strategy helps to enhance the ranking of the page in search engine results. It is not about choosing off page or on page. You need both strategies to enhance the growth of your website. Both are important for a page to rank higher in the search engine results. If you’re looking for professional SEO services, then feel free to contact us at 866-979-3359 to enhance your website engagement for better growth.