How to Find High-Intent Keywords

To appear in the top ranking of search engines you need to understand high intent keywords. You need to know the target keyword search and how to use it to enhance your reach. For a business, it is essential to find the target keywords to become more visible on the internet. At the same time, if you choose the wrong search time, it will waste your content effort to generate leads. To make your content beneficial for your business you must know how to find high-intent keywords.

A high intent keyword is a term that helps the searcher to incline toward the service he is looking for. High keywords are not easy to find, but the business that finds them and uses them in their content can get high organic traffic that leads them to many opportunities. While finding keywords you’ll feel like you are reading your audience’s mind. In this blog, you’ll get a complete guide about high-intent keywords and how to use them. 

What are High Intent Keywords? 

The word High Intent keyword is an SEO term to understand the reason for the search. When a person searches for a particular business or product they use specific words to search their query that specific term is called high intent keyword.  

Mostly intent keywords are used when the searcher has knowledge about the product or it’s in the final decision phase. Using long keywords used by customers includes lots of information that means they are ready to make a decision. For instance, best organic honey near me, best quality dog food, and more.  

How to Search High-Intent Keywords 

To find the right high-intent keywords below are some ways that you must know to enhance your content optimization.  

Think like Your Audience 

If you want to answer the queries of your customers, you have to think like them. It is one of the best techniques to find effective high intent keywords. Think like a potential customer who doesn’t know about your business and its services. Think about what your queries will be and how you will search them on a search engine. What type of research you do before making a decision? This type of brainstorming will help you to know which type of keywords are perfect for your brand.  

Moreover, you can consult your marketing team to learn what their customers want and what they are searching for in a company. For complete details, you can collaborate with the SEO Services Agency to enhance your reach on the internet.  

Thorough Keyword Research  

To know high intent keywords you need to complete research. It will help you to uncover many useful high intent keywords that will benefit your business with leads. The long keywords may have a lower search ratio, but it has high quality that navigates the customer to the solution. Start with broad keywords that help in related results. You can use keywords that have specific words like near me, best, best, quality, and more like these common words.  

Don’t restrict your research to only commercial words, use easy words that try to engage customers from all sides and navigate them to your business. Keep searching for products, services, or brands similar to yours and see how they appear on search engines. It will help you to know how people can search your website.  

How to Find High-Intent Keywords

Construct Keyword Theme 

To identify high-intent keywords, you can plan a keyword for them. Keyword theme is comprised of term-related groups that help in search. For instance, if you have a clothing business you can use terms like, high-quality dresses, how to find the best dresses near me or why I should consider buying online dresses. People searching related to clothes may find your page by using such keywords.  

Optimizing the right keyword theme may help you reach more people and stay focused on one topic. If you want to know further about keyword themes, The Maddex is here to help you! 

Research Competitor’s SEO Strategies  

If you want an overview to know how to find intent keywords, you should research your competitor page. See which type of keywords they have used and how they have included it in their content. This way you’ll get to know what they are using to grab the attention of potential customers. If they can do it, you can too. It is a great way to utilize SEO in your content strategy. It will help you know which type of keywords grab the engagement of the audience. You can also include it or something similar in your content.  

Write Down Key Features of Your Brand and Its Services  

To find the right keywords, look at your product and services. See what you have to offer your clients and how they can benefit from it. What most people see is what is best. So, make sure to show positive elements of your brand.  

For example, if you are an SEO marketing agency you probably provide content creation. Fast page speed, excellent user experience, SEO optimization, creating backlinks, and resolving search engine restrictions and issues. To pave the way to your customer, you can use keywords like best content creation agency or best SEO services agency near me.  

You can utilize your services in different keywords to help people navigate your site. This way people can easily know what you have to provide them with your effective content.  

Find Keywords in Googe Search  

Google itself is the best technique to find high intent keywords. You can search for one keyword and you’ll find many other words in the suggestions. To get more keywords you can use * between two keywords that will help you search more. Moreover, after searching a keyword you will see a section People Also Ask and related searches that will guide you more about keywords.  

You can also use it in content topics and include it in your content H1, H2 and FAQs. It will make your content and website page more optimized and help people to land on your site.  

Use Keyword Qualifiers 

Keyword qualifier is a great way that is used to find words that indicate a person’s intent. Use such a set of words that helps to make the search more focused. For instance, you can use the keywords best and the services you want to provide to your customers.  

Apply Qualifiers According to Your Target Audience 

While using keywords, keep your target audience in mind. Keywords always provide profitable results when it is searched by the right person. You can use long keywords that are similar to your business. The best thing you can do is to pick keywords that include your marketing element.  

For instance, if you develop CRM software you can use keywords like best CRM for startups, best CRM for e-commerce business and more.  

Small businesses who are looking for CRM will discover you by searching for such keywords. Such keywords increase the possibility of clicking on your site.  

How to Find High-Intent Keywords

Use Location in Keywords 

The next way of finding the right keyword is using a location qualifier. It will help you to target specific countries on your side. For instance, you can use it like SEO services in USA, SEO services in the UK. If you want to target a specific area, you can place the area. For example, SEO services In New York, SEO services Texas, and Backlinking Services in Ohio. The people of that area may find your site easily by entering the keyword.  

Shortlist Keywords  

After using a lot of sources and filters you may get many keywords. After getting the list of keywords you can invest some time in shortlisting the final keywords on the basis of their difficulty. Try not to use difficult keywords that people may hardly search for. Keep the keyword simple yet helpful for your target audience. Collect such keywords that you can use anywhere in your content naturally. You can take complete guidance from Google guidelines to know which type of keywords can be used and help rank.  

How You Can Target High Intent Keywords?  

To know the page ranking, you can search every keyword on Google and see which type of term Google prefers to rank. Try to use keywords that target the right audience for the services you are providing. It will not only guide people to your business page but also enhance leads and sales.  


High Intent Keyword is an important element that helps to enhance the reach of the business. Finding these terms may not be easy but you can find them after complete research. If you’re looking for SEO services, you can contact us at 866-979-3359 to enhance your site ranking today!