How Long Does It Take to Rank on Google?

Making the business on the top is the goal of every person in business. Companies who want to grow globally on the internet make sure to drive traffic to their online presence. SEO has become one of the powerful techniques that has paved the way for many brands and organizations.  

SEO is a long-term and effective technique that needs some time to show results, but it can last for a long time. With the right strategy, you can secure your business goals in such a way that will help you grow in the competitive market.  

Most people wonder, how long does it take to rank on Google? The answer mainly depends on your SEO technique. If your website is completely optimized by using some SEO factors, it may take 2 to 3 months.  

To explain to you more about search engine results, let’s take a closer look at how things work to rank higher.  

How Much Time Does It Take to Rank in Google?  

According to SEO experts, it may need some months to rank on the first Google search result page. If you provide quality content and completely optimize the website, you will start seeing results in two to three months.  

But if you are in a highly competitive market and you never optimized your account, you may need a year to see visible results on Google. Using effective strategies may help in taking less time. However, to enhance your ranking on Google, it is essential to know some factors that entirely affect the search engine ranking.  

Factors Depend on Google Ranking 

Below are the factors on which Google’s ranking performance depends. 

Content Quality  

You can control an essential part of how SEO ranks things by focusing on the quality of your content. When search engines scan your website, they don’t only look for words to find. Instead, they want to discover the best content for showing it to users.
For your text, make sure the content is valuable and helpful for someone trying to find that keyword. Furthermore, Google checks how the content appears to users by looking at your structure’s quality and overall design. It also looks at visual parts like photos or colors. 

Relevant Search Intent 

When people say content should be relevant, they mean it should match what someone is searching for. To put it simply, does your writing provide solutions to the questions that made someone search on Google in the beginning? People use Google for many things, like finding a certain site or learning about something. They also go there to buy stuff. Websites that make their posts match what people want are more likely to be at the top when you search online.

How Long Does It Take to Rank on Google?

For example, when someone asks, “Best clothing brand near me?” it is a business goal. The person who wrote the question wants to buy it soon. So, articles that look at and grade items will be more beneficial to a person searching with business intent than one explaining self-accounting. With the help of a digital marketing agency in Houston, you can optimize your site to enhance your online presence ultimately. 


Google uses backlinks to figure out which websites and content are the top subjects. When someone else shares a link to your webpage from their blog, they’re telling Google that they trust in the information on it. The more signs you can get from other types of areas, the stronger Google’s eyes see your power. 

Provide Content Related to Brands  

To showcase your credibility in your field, providing content relevant to your industry is essential. That aids Google in knowing the topics linked to your brand so they can better understand where you’re skilled. You can establish expertise about a topic by making content connected to your brand’s main product or service. 

The more helpful content you provide for your target audience, the more chances your website will rank higher on Google.  

Internal Linking  

Unlike backlinks, you can totally manage your own internal linking plan. However, many people who make content and market it often need to take advantage of this important step. Links inside your website help Google find more of your stuff, see what things are related to it, and know how the pages connect in a certain order. All these things together can help make Google like your website more.
Whatever SEO content you put on your website it needs to have internal links. But you don’t want to seem like spam by adding too many.   

Mobile Search

Google has started using mobile-first ranking for all new websites. Its engine crawlers mostly focus on the mobile experience when finding search results. This means Google has to locate the mobile version of your content in order to rank it. Moreover, your mobile experience must be easy to use and complete, like the desktop UX on your website. 

WordPress users need to pick themes and plugins adapted for all devices to make websites work better on phones. This will help people see the right version of your site when they use it on their phone or tablet. The Maddex has amazing SEO tricks that enhance traffic to your site by improving your search engine results.  

Social Media Marketing  

To make a strong presence on the internet, it is essential to make a strong place on social media. Social media is a platform where most people like to spend their free time. People don’t search by keywords in social media, but your post should land on their newsfeed.  

Ensure you provide quality and engaging content so people love connecting with you. In this way, they will know more about your offering, which helps establish your brand credibility. With consistency, quality content, and effective strategy, you can generate better opportunities that will help you in ranking higher in Google. If you want to make your strong presence all over the internet, it is important to make your strong place on social media.  

Run Ads on Content  

To enhance traffic to your website, it is important to run paid search ads. It will help you to generate traffic quickly. Moreover, you can use paid ads for your latest campaigns that will showcase your latest offers to the people.  

But remember that PPC only works when you are putting money. When you stop, its effects will slow down.  

The Bottom Line  

SEO is one of the excellent tools that has paved the way for countless brands and companies. An effective SEO strategy will help you maximize benefits that will ultimately help you in ranking higher in Google.  

The wait for noticeable benefits of SEO totally depends on the previously mentioned factors. If you include these points, there are higher chances that you’ll beat the competition in less time. However, it takes some time to show results, but it has lasting impacts that play an essential role in brand growth. To know more about enhancing your site’s higher ranking in Google, feel free to call us at 866-979-3359 to connect to our SEO experts.