Google's New Content Guidelines 2023 - What's New for 2024

Google is the most powerful search engine that people from all over the world choose to search for things. To maintain its standard and excellent position, Google brings new content updates to provide the best to the people.  

Brands and SEO experts who want to optimize their online presence should deeply understand Google’s latest guidelines. With time website owners may face multiple issues that can be solved by knowing the new guidelines of Google. The new guidelines bring various adjustments and developments that make the online activities much better.  

In this blog, you’ll get more profound knowledge of Google’s new content guidelines for 2023 to know what’s new for 2024. So, let’s get started.  

Original and Quality Content 

Making good and quality pieces of information has always been important for SEO and marketing stuff. Content is something that you need the most to make your site more credible. According to a new update, it will be a defining element in 2024.  

  • Duplication of Content: Avoiding duplicate content is the vital thing you should do. In 2024, websites need to make sure their content is not taken from other platforms. They have to be unique. Having the same content can cause you to be punished, and your search ranking will go down. Duplication of content not only violates the guidelines, but viewers don’t find you reliable. Thus, in your field of expertise, make sure to provide relevant and unique content.  
  • Relevant Content: Google always dislikes content that lacks information and relevancy. To enhance your Google rating, it is important to provide helpful, engaging, informative, and unique content. Moreover, content only created to fulfill SEO purposes will not benefit you in the long run. It will result in poor ranking and penalties.  

Ranking Fluctuations and Potential Core Update  

Even though Google has not said anything about an official December update, many websites have noticed changes in their rankings during the month. These fluctuations could be attributed to the following: 

  • Minor core algorithm updates: Google often makes little changes to its main algorithms without big announcements. Digital marketing agency in Houston understands the algorithm and include it in their SEO strategies.  
  • Testing new ranking signals: Google might be trying out new things that could change how they make rankings in the future. 
  • New trends: Search habits and how people act usually change at certain times of the year. This causes changes for some keywords or topics on search rankings.


Emphasis on E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) 

Google’s ranking system still uses E-A-T as its main support. Websites and content showing skill, authority, and reliability in their particular fields still get better rankings. Companies with negative elements may not have effective SEO results because of Google’s strong guidelines.  The main focus of Google this year will be the below points.  

  • High-quality content: Make new, helpful, and worthwhile content that meets users’ needs. Content should be to the point and helpful so Google can rank your page higher in the search engine results. Make sure to use the right keywords that target your audience.  
  • Author credentials: Create good writer profiles with knowledge and skills related to the topic that will show your expertise in the field.  
  • Website reputation: Set up a trustworthy website without annoying links and bad reviews. Google doesn’t rank those sites that have bad reviews and reputations all over the internet. Thus, make sure to have good reviews on Google to enhance your ranking.  

Better Search Experience 

Google’s ways of changing search results keep getting better. They ensure the user gets the best results when searching for something. They make the list of stuff you find on Google more personal by looking at your past searches, where you are right now, and other things too. The goal of Google is to provide an excellent experience while searching for any query. Therefore, Google necessitates the following points: 

  • Understanding your target audience: Make content that connects with your special group and deals with their one-of-a-kind needs. While creating content, make sure that it is specially created for your target audience. If your content is irrelevant to your field, it will be disliked by the google and not rank on the first page of search engine results.  
  • Utilizing personalization tools: Set up SEO tools that make content feel special and work best for what each user wants. When the user gets what they are looking for, it shows the credibility of the site, and they choose them because of their accurate guidance. In 2024, make sure to use the right SEO tools so you can provide what people are actually searching for.  

Intent Search Keyword 

Search intent is the main thing that a user inserts when he wants to search for something on Google. That’s why Google’s computer systems are getting better at figuring out what users really mean when they ask questions, not just looking for specific words. This requires: 

Google's New Content Guidelines 2023 - What's New for 2024

  • Keyword research beyond keywords: Look past simple words to grasp what a person means and the context of their search. You can go for long-tail keywords that primarily people search on Google. The more your content answers the query of the searcher, the more your page will rank higher.  

Furthermore, the keyword should be commercial, informational, and navigational so the person can discover what he is looking for. For example, a person searching for a car diagnostics test may search for “best car diagnostic near me.” Such keywords will lead them toward options that they can consider. 

  • Content focused on user needs: Make content that answers the user’s main questions and gives useful solutions directly. To know the needs of users, you need to think like them. Think about how you’ll search if you need to search for something. This way, it will help you how you connect with your target audience. The Maddex provides quality SEO services that are tailored according to site needs.  

User Experience Optimization  

The Core Web Vitals change, which started in May 2021, is still influencing how websites are ranked on search engines. Search engines always prefer those sites that provide excellent user experience. Google always selects those pages to rank that are easily navigable, provide high performance and engaging content. Therefore, in new guidelines, Google has prioritized the following.  

  • Page Speed: Make your website load faster to give users a smooth experience. The speed of a page is essential to engage the user for a long time. If the page takes longer to load, there is a high chance that the user will shift to another page.  
  • Mobile friendliness: Make sure your website works well and is easy to use on phones or tablets. Mostly, people prefer to search for things on mobile and tablet because they are easily available and handy. Hence, to beat the competitive market, it is important to make your site more mobile-friendly.  
  • HTTPS security: Make your website safe by using an SSL certificate to build faith and protection. Those sites are reliable and credible that are entirely secure for users. Google dislikes such websites that have poor security, and it is considered as unsafe site for the users.  


Multimedia Elements  

Google keeps working to include different search styles like pictures, videos, and sound in their system. This means: 

  • Incorporating multimedia elements: Make your content better by adding pictures, videos, and sounds that match the information you want to share. This will help people who search for different things online.  
  • Optimize Multimedia: You can include alt tags and structured data to make your content more valuable so Google can recommend your page in top searches. With complete content, you can help the searcher to make an informed decision. Analyzing the overall data may help to enhance the SEO and website improvement.  

The Bottom Line 

To make your online presence successful, it is essential to have an approach that follows Google’s guidelines. By understanding the guidelines, you will know how you can navigate your target audience to your site. By prioritizing the quality of content, the right search intent, user experience, and trustworthiness, you can achieve SEO goals in 2024. To get outstanding SEO services, you can call us at 866-979-3359