Getting Started with Animation Videos

In today’s world, brands are looking for innovative ways to convey their messages to their target audience. Animated video is one of the effective techniques that help brands share their information and stories that engage the target audience creatively.  

If you want to make simple topics more interesting and complex topics much easier for your potential clients, then animated videos are a powerful technique. If you’re new in the world of animation and creativity and want to get started with animation videos, then you landed on the right page. With complete knowledge and access to the right software, you can create quality content for your online credibility.  

In this blog, you’ll learn how you can get started with animation videos that will enhance your online presence.  

What is an Animated Video?  

Before getting started with the types, it is important to understand what animated video is. Animated video is a visual representation of a drawing, illustration, or computer-generated design that can move by adding different styles. Animated video is made to convey a story or information in such an engaging way that a person gets the activity going on the video.  

Understanding Types of Animated Videos 

Below are the major animation types used in videos to make the content more appealing.  

2D Animation 

2D animation is about drawing characters, props, and sets on paper. It’s a way to tell stories while also making them move around. In the beginning of 2D animation, characters were drawn one frame at a time. 

Moreover, 2D animation is also called traditional animation. Mainstream 2D production has changed a lot from using pencil and paper with hand-drawn methods to computer programs like Toon Boom Harmony or Adobe After Effects being used  

3D Animation  

3D animations are made by computers using 3D digital pictures. 3D animation is a common method used in movies and games. Animators begin by setting up a model with 3D joints and placing the character, item, or machine they want. 

Then, they make paths for movement between different poses so it looks natural.  The software puts the pieces together and makes the character move. The designer in a digital marketing agency in Houston who makes cartoons can work on each picture part until they are content with the movement. 

Getting Started with Animation Videos

Stop Motion Animation 

Stop motion is a way of making cartoons where you use real things (like soft plastic people or toy figures), moving them little by little, and taking pictures every time the position changes. When these images are shown one after the other, it looks like the thing is moving. 

Steps to Create Animated Video  


A storyboard is very important in making any animation video. It will help the team members and those who make choices have an idea of what your finished video could look like, even before you start making it.
For those who are new, making a storyboard can help see if the idea for your video will work or not. Moreover, it will help you adjust your pictures and story to make the best-animated video possible.
A storyboard is like a cartoon strip for your animation video, and it helps organize each scene. It’s helpful to make one before starting the whole process. 


The design of a building is important for its making. Likewise, the text is important for making your movie. As the person who writes for a video, you need to choose what will be shown.  

Before making a script for your video, you first need to create a strong brief about the video. Doing this will assist you in finding out what your goal is, who the video should reach, and its central message. 


This is where the fun takes place. Use the software you picked to make your assets come alive by putting important frames together, changing how time works, and adding motion and expressions. The Maddex has amazing designers who know how to make valuable assets with their creativity. 

Add Engaging Audio  

To make your video more appealing, add some music, sounds, or talking that relate to the content you want to convey. This way, it will help you make your content attractive and understandable.  


Put your finished animation into a video editor (like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro) to make the last changes, add words, and polish up your movie. 

The Bottom Line 

Animated video is an effective communication method that helps grab people’s attention in no time. Moreover, it helps understand complex topics in less than a minute. Thus, if you want to enhance the game of your content, animated video is a great choice. To know more about animated videos, you can call us at 866-979-3359